Control Console API (CCAPI) v2.80 REV 4

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Control Console API (CCAPI) v.2.80 REV 4.



ControlConsoleAPI 2.80 REV4 by Enstone 


Current version : 2.80rev4 

Supported Firmwares: 


CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70, 

4.75,4.76,4.78,4.80,4.81,4.82 CEX or DEX,4.83 CEX 

VSH module loading: 


VSH module loading: 

- create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called "plugins" 

and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be 




All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at ps3 boot. 

-There is no max sprx number that can be loaded, the only limit will be the memory available, this is important, if you load to many sprx, some games will refuse to load. 

-SPRX will be injected into vsh process, therefore they will be runned at every moment(even during a game). 

-Deank made a cool FTP server sprx, that you can load into VSH, so you have a ftp even while you're playing a game. I just patched it for CCAPI. Or use webMAN 1.44 for CCAPI, 

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