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Since the 4.83 firmware update PS3 CFW user's have been shut out of PSN, but developer @Evilnat comes to the rescue with the release of SEN Enabler v6.0.9 which contains support for 4.83 firmware by providing a spoof for current 4.82 CFW's, so that means PSN Access are now restored, Support for 4.83 CFW has been added, but since we have not seen any release's yet this aspect of the update has been untested, You can keep this page bookmarked as we will be updating it when CFW's and other hombrew / tools & utilities become available with new 4.83 support, You can view all the details of this update from Evilnat's release notes found below


Latest Version: v6.0.9 (Released on 10/12/2018)

Changelog v6.0.9 [CEX-DEX]

Spoof to 4.83 (Online works again)

Added support for CFW 4.83 CEX/DEX

Updated Cobra data for Rebug 4.82 CEX/DEX

Updated SEN Plugin to v3.1

Fixed issue if plugins folder doesn't exist while installing plugin

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