Control Console API (CCAPI) v2.80 REV_3

Ab sofort im PS3 Download-Portal verfügbar 

Control Console API v2.80 REV3



Current version : 2.80rev3 

Supported Firmwares: 


CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70, 

4.75,4.76,4.78,4.80,4.81,4.82 CEX or DEX 

ControlConsoleAPI (aka CCAPI) is an API for PS3 and PC similar to TMAPI on DEX console. But this one "CCAPI" works for CEX and DEX. 

It will give you those features : 


- Compatibility with console CEX / DEX / SEX. 

- Debug non-fself & fself in real time (vsh.self for example can be debugged in rte, or any game with non debug eboot) 

- Debugging kernel in real time (and lv2_kernel.self lv1.self). 

*Classic functions (RTE on CEX + DEX): 

- Get process memory. 

- Place a job in memory. 

- Shutdown and restart the console. 

- Working through Wireless. 

- Bypass exec pages writing restriction. 

- Bypass lv2 memory protection. 

- Peek / Poke LV1 and LV2 

- Set ConsoleID at anytime/anywhere 

- Changing LED. 

- ringBuzzer 

- Temperatures. 

- VSH module loading 

- Notifications. 

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